Christmas gifts

I've been trying to think of ways to get the kids involved with Christmas giving this year because they are getting old enough to understand giving to each other and I think it's a super fun part of the holidays. We decided to do a "Homemade" theme for Christmas this year, so everyone will give and get something homemade. I'm excited to get the kids ready for it - I even found some ideas for the boys to get involved in. :) Zane's not too sure about this whole non-buying thing (well, except for a few supplies) but I think he'll catch on soon enough! Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that there are some fun ideas available online if you want to help your kids with some gifts this year! Just Google "homemade gifts for kids to make."


Our crazy life

Someday this up-and-down-and-all-around journey our lives are on will be over and we will be settled, right? :) Zane is waiting to see if any of the interviews he has had will pan out into actual official job offers, so we are playing the waiting game for a few more weeks. Meanwhile we are trying to do all we can on our side to make sure we are prepared and ready for whatever comes. It's been a struggle as some of you know for me to accept that we felt so good and sure about Boise, but there are just no jobs for Zane. Perhaps it's just not the right timing, but it just doesn't seem to be working out to go there. Who knows why we would feel right about it and then not? I questioned my ability to receive revelation among other things, but I recently just accepted that I did feel good about it, but it's okay if things change - I can't see the whole picture. It has been a process though for sure! So the two companies Zane has the biggest leads on are both based in Utah. Fun, fun!

Meanwhile the kids are just doing great! Princess is doing very well in school and loving every minute. She is reading more and more and still loves to do any kind of artwork. She is involved in an after school program two days a week and she loves it so much she can't understand why I don't have her in it every day. But I would miss her terribly - it's hard enough on the days she has it already! :) I'm glad she is doing well with it though, it makes me feel better about her adjustment to a full day of school next year - or the next few months depending on what school she transfers to. She is always helpful and can hardly wait until we have a place that can have a garden. :) She is making such good friends at school and still loves to dress up and play princess and pretend. She is also giving a talk in primary next week and is very excited (which for those who know her is a big deal). It looks like she is starting to come out of her "embarrassment" for being in front of people. I hope, I hope! Princess is also very diligent about homework - hope that lasts and she doesn't take after her mom and dad! :)

Cowboy is my sweet trial right now. There is something about that 3 1/2 stage that is so hard for me. He is no exception. It amazes me how he can be making me want to scream one minute and laugh the next with some funny expression or saying or look he gives. He is his own person that is for sure! :) In all honesty, the little tyrant melts my heart and is just a fun little boy with LOTS of energy and a brain that won't slow down. He is my boy that is addicted to the tv, but always trying to use the arms of my couches as horses. He puts down blankets then sits on top of pillows for his saddle and uses a jump rope as the reins of his horses. I'm very interested to see if he really loves real horses as much - we'd like to find somewhere that will give him riding lessons when he's old enough. :) He also LOVES Star Wars and is constantly pretending that he is Yoda or Annikan or Luke with his "light saver."

Brother Bear is officially in nursery now and starting to communicate so much more. He is still our big boy and now weighs 1 lb more than his brother so I'm having to practice safe picking up so as to not hurt my back. :D He is a joy though and loves to climb on everything, pretend sword and gun fight with his brother, and gets so excited about dogs and horses (like his brother). He crawls around on the floor growling and barking like a dog, and likes to tattle on his siblings. He'll come and grab my leg just chewing out about something and bring me to whoever is the offender and point and jabber.

Last night one of Zane's friends brought his baby over so we could watch her for a little while because his wife's work schedule overlaps his class. It was so fun! She is just a tiny little bundle and only 2 months. I'm not sure who loved having her here more - me or the kids. :) Brother Bear kept saying in a high voice "Baby, aww Baby!" and giving her kisses on her head. Princess wanted to hold her the whole time (I had to argue with her to get a turn) (: and Cowboy was the same as the other two, but not quite as hovering - he didn't have the patience to stick around as long. It makes me want to have another one, but don't worry - I should be able to hold off for a while until our lives get a little more under control. :o)

We are a little excited and nervous about the new step in our lives. We will be looking to buy when we move, so wish us luck! When we compared the differences in renting vs buying in Utah, the buying far outweighs the renting. Especially since rent is on average at LEAST a 100-200 more than a mortgage including the taxes and insurance. So we decided we should look into the buying and hopefully we can find something before the $8000 tax credit ends. Might as well take advantage of it while we can. :o)