Progress is good

Everyone PRAY. :) Zane's got a second interview Feb 2. We are praying not only that he gets a job with them, but that they will want him to start SOON. But 2nd interview is definitely progress.

So I am trying to do some type of major cleaning every day so when next week comes, we don't have to do a whole lot. These are the times that I wish both Zane and I were not raised to leave places nicer than how we found them. I was looking at my kitchen today after I cleaned the range hood and even without cleaning out the oven, it is still cleaner now than when we moved in. You would think that would make me relax, but no - too bad I have high standards of what is "move out clean."



We're alive...still!

There's not a ton of new updates in our family. We are very excited Zane graduated and commissioned as an officer in December. We got to spend time with lots of family and friends, and the kids had a blast with my parents over Christmas. We are truly blessed. Princess was very happy to start school again after the holidays (she'd had enough of us), and the boys are as precocious and silly as ever. No word on a job yet, but we've decided to leap in and move to Utah in the hopes of finding something sooner and easier than we can in the 'Burg. So we will be official Utahns at the end of the month! Lots of prayers are being said here right now - for sure! :) Anyway, life is always adventurous and we are all going with the flow for now. I'm sure there will be more to update soon, but for now - that's all!