New home, new life

So we made it to Twin Falls. I have to admit, I love this place. It hasn't even been a week, but I feel like I could stay here for a long time. I love our house - not one we would necessarily buy, but it definitely fulfills our needs. The kids love having a fenced backyard, and the street we live on is very quiet and there are lots of kids their ages. The ward we moved into is so great - I met a lot of great people - very friendly and down to earth. Really, it just feels great to be here.

We are getting settled slowly, but surely. So far we have the playroom (eventually baby/guest room), Princess's room (mostly), kitchen and living room put away. Now on to the boys' room and eventually our room and bathroom. :) There are so many things we have just been packing around for years and I just want to purge! In between putting things away, I'm trying to clean the house (it's not gross, but definitely not what I consider acceptably clean).

Anyway, that is what's going on - Princess started a new school AGAIN. She is such a star trooper. I think this school will be a good one for her. Then the kids start up with soccer in a few weeks. Should be fun! :)


It's a


I'm completely surprised. I thought it was a girl for sure. Zane was right once again. :) What am I ever going to do with THREE boys???

Last chance

So I find out in an hour what we're having - any last guesses? :) wish me luck - hope the baby cooperates.


And the verdict is...

I have no clue. We had to reschedule the appointment for next week. What I can tell you is we are moving to Twin Falls at the end of the month and we found a house to rent! :) The kids and I drove up yesterday to look at some houses and go swimming with Zane. The plan was to drive back this morning and still go to our ultrasound - sadly, we had a flat tire and had to wait while Sears repaired it - by the time we left, it was just too late to make it to Provo. Oh well!

Some people are surprised with how early we are getting an ultrasound. Well, supposedly you can get a gender determination one as early as 15 weeks - it's recommended if it is your one and only main ultrasound to wait until 20 weeks due to the size and accuracy of the ultrasound. I found a place here that charges only $45 for the ultrasound and I want to "try" to find out before we move. Reason - if we are having a girl, I feel like we are done for a sufficient enough time (maybe forever) to purge and I have 3 HUGE rubbermaids full of boys clothes/toys I can pass off to my sisters-in-law and not have to move them. If they can't tell 100% then no big deal - I still get to see my baby and am only out $45. We'll have another one with the actual doctor around 20-21 weeks after we move. :)


Boy or girl? What's your guess?

I added a poll to the side of the blog - we find out what we are having on Friday at 1 (that is if the baby cooperates). Take a guess!