New In Town

So I am telling everyone I know how much I loved this movie. I laughed sooo hard at one point I thought I was going to pee my pants. It's probably much better if you've ever been to Minnesota, but soo many correlations can be made to our current town. :) Loved it, great movie night. Zane and I were able to go to a movie and dinner courtesy of our awesome baby-sitter. We love her and so do the kids! Brother Bear is very mommified with anyone else, but just goes right to her and is happy as a clam AND takes a bottle.

So, all in all it was a great night. Good movie and dinner at Red Robin without kids. Can't beat that!


Fun fun

Princess crashed into the tree

New use for tools

Want to guess who's idea this was?

Ah, mi familia

Love their daddy
I love Cowboy's face in this one


Yay for Brother Bear!

I am so excited - Brother Bear learned to crawl...FINALLY!! I realize that now this means he is mobile and I have to actually be concerned about whether the bathroom is open or not and Barbie shoes are off the ground, but it's been a long time coming. He has been doing everything BUT crawling since before Christmas - rolling, pushing up onto his toes, flopping, going backwards, etc. So his cute little face was so happy and proud when he figured out how to go forward and came to where I was. SO fun! :o) You can just see it in his face as he sees something he wants and thinks, "Can I get it?" Then he crawls over to it and just jabbers and does this cute forced laugh thing "heh heh heh."

Joys of being a mom - you get to notice simple things and be thankful. Love it!


Updated pictures

I posted some of these on facebook, but figured it was about time to update some pics on here too.
This is the "oh, causa why?" face of Cowboys


This is such a quintessential princess pose

Walking the "dog"

Family Home Evening fun


My tender Princess

We watched Black Stallion today and part of it really affected Princess. In the movie the boy gets shipwrecked and his father dies and he is all alone with the horse on an island. Princess, with big tears in her eyes was asking where his grandma and grandpa were and why they weren't taking care of him. Then she really started to tear up and asked if Daddy, and Mommy, Brother Bear, and Cowboy all died would she be all alone too? While it was heart wrenching to see her make this connection and get so emotional about the possibility, it did afford me a great opportunity to talk with her about Jesus.

Me: Ah honey, you will NEVER ever be alone because Jesus and Heavenly Father will always be there for you.
Princess: but don't I have to die to see Jesus? or go on a rocket ship off Earth?
Me: No. But you know, if you ever want Jesus you can pray and you may not see Him, but you can always feel Him - just like you can feel a blanket wrapped around you.
Princess: Hmmm...ok. But I definitely do not ever want to go on a ship. Or you neither! No ships.

She melts my heart.



School starts for my hubby tomorrow.  Why I thought I would have more time to blog while he was home I will never know!  :)  It's exciting, only 2 more academic semesters - plus an internship in between, but still great nonetheless.  This upcoming semester will be quite busy, but what else is new?  We are becoming a musical family this year - that is one of our goals.  The kids have a guitar and recorders, I have my piano and while I got a guitar, it is more Zane's now because it's a chance for him to join us in the musicality.  Those who know him can understand that any type of music just isn't his forte, but I appreciate that he is going to try!



Tale of Despereaux

SUCH a good movie!  We loved it, the kids loved it and it's been a while since we've seen a movie that actually has a good moral to the story.  Highly recommend!  :o)