For a while I have been feeling frustrated with the amount of television my family and I watch.  It is so addicting!  At night we don't even really watch anything, we just keep surfing the channels watching various uninteresting things and are just lazy.  I hate it.  So Zane and I have been talking about it for a while and I decided maybe we should just unplug the cable so all we could do was watch movies.  Then it dawned on me that wasn't going to solve the amount of watching at all either because I would just throw in movies for the kids.

So today, Zane and I packed up our beautiful television in its box, took down the wall mount, and packed it away in storage.  Are we crazy?  I'm sure there will be times I think I am.  But I just feel like there is more to life and we are stuck on the couch TOO much!  So now I am going to go and buy some pretty thing to put on my wall to cover the nakedness.  :)  Wish me luck in this endeavor!

By the way, I have to be honest - we aren't going completely tv-less.  Eventually we will be bringing back our itty bitty tv to put in our room strictly for movies on sick days and those horrible Rexburg winters when I need a break from entertaining children.  :)  But I think it will be on less if it's not a focal point in the house...I hope!


Princess is 5!!!

Picking strawberries with her aunt

"Belle" with her totally awesome cake. (if I do say so myself) (:

Still a Daddy's girl

Her friends and cousins-all dolled up.

I am so in love with this girl! She is my first baby. Princess is the best helper to me, and so much fun to be around. I couldn't ask for more. My heart is so full! Happy birthday to my baby girl Princess!