I'm officially not a nice person

I need to work on being Christ like in several aspects of my life.  A lot.

Like I probably shouldn't be annoyed at becoming a defacto baby-sitter for a neighbor kid who has a single mom who has to work and whose older brothers I don't think are very nice to him when he's at home

I shouldn't be annoyed.  I should welcome him into our home.

Even if he is loud.  And a complete tornado.  And doesn't listen.  And argues with me when I tell him not to do something...

I need to be more like Christ.

Even if He was never pregnant with four other children in the house.  :)


We added to the chaos

Meet Dexter.  :)

Yes I am crazy.  And it was not husband or children pressing for it.  I was the one who saw him and knew he was the one for our family.  He'll always stay pretty small, but we are hoping for his sake he grows a little bit more.  :)  The only problem I'm running into so far is the balance between wanting to wash him all the time to make sure he doesn't get the stinky dog smell, and not wash him too often so his skin doesn't get problems.  I'm hoping his skin can handle once a week.  I don't think I can do the 2 week...

He is much loved by all - and has taken a special attachment to Zane.  And I should say Zane's taken a special attachment to him.  So we have now complicated our life with a dog.  Hopefully I won't regret it too much.  :)


Did I say tomorrow?

Well, it wasn't tomorrow when I posted these pics...  :)

He did turn 1! :)  Clean up after cake.

Happy birthday baby!

First day of school in Kuna

This is a typical pose. :)  First day of school

2nd day for Princess, 1st for Cowboy

Playing in the park after we moved

Such a cheeser

it was very cold - so they all had several layers.

her scary witch face.



Typically as the holidays approach the stress level elevates with so much to do and so many things to see, places to go, etc.  It's opposite in our house.  Things are finally starting to settle down and we are slowly getting into a routine.  There are still a few things to work out - mostly my schedule.  I like to have specific days set aside each week for the same things: ie - library, park, errands, cleaning.  I'm hoping to have that all ironed out in less than 2 weeks for my own sanity.  :) 

The house is getting there.  I would say we are probably 3/4 unpacked - with most of the remaining boxes in the sitting area of our master bdrm.  :P  I keep saying I will get to them, and then I go to bed before 9 and it doesn't happen. haha.

Living on base is different.  I think there are positives and negatives.  We moved into a remodeled once-duplex and the space is nice as well as the no rent.  It's a beautiful base with tons of trees and parks.  There is a railroad track fairly close to where we are, so that has taken some getting used to - as well as the speaker blasting the trumpet every weekday at 6:30 am.  :)  The school is great though, and it is a super safe area.  Our ward is small and *gasp* we actually have to drive 20 min to the church building!  ;) lol.  I'm just glad we'll be here longer than a year! 

We are all doing well - it's fun to actually have Zane home for the most part when the kids are awake.  :)  The 3 min commute to his office is pretty grand and much better than that 8 hr drive.  He is enjoying the full-time military life, so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up being an Army family until retirement.  But you never know.  Let's get through a year long deployment first.  He needs to get over there sooner than later and his unit isn't slotted to go for another few years, so we're thinking he will probably try and volunteer sometime while we are here.  We'll see.

I'll do another post tomorrow updating on the kids and posting a few pictures, but we're doing well and adjusting.  We've definitely had some backlash from the craziness of our lives the last 6 months as far as behavior from the kids, but they are troopers in the truest sense.