I love when my kids say prayers.  Sometimes it gets repetitious, but there are those moments that just melt my heart.  Tonight Princess's prayer included, "please bless my movies and that I will get to watch them when I want."  In Cowboy's prayer he said, "Thanks for day, thanks for Jesus, thanks for horsies, thanks for Mommies, Name Jesus Amen."  :)  I love my job!



Do you ever feel like you are on the outside of life looking in? Or like you can stand in the middle of a group and still feel like everyone around you is in some type of bubble (or for you sci-fi people = force field) and you are untouched? Am I even making sense? I'm not even really talking about being left out by others. More...hmmm...like you are an invisible observer? This is sounding negative, but I'm not meaning it to. Or maybe I should describe it as being in a bubble by yourself and everyone else is on the outside unseeing or unknowing that there is something between you and them. I think I had better stop while I'm ahead and make some more sense of what I am trying to say. Does anyone understand?



I'm dreading this election.  Dread dread dread.  I don't like either candidate.  I'm terrified that we are absolutely on a crash course for socialism, worried about the consequences of the vote on Prop 8 in CA, and feeling almost helpless as I watch the masses seem to not realize or care.  Ugh!  I would love to write in a candidate, but as much as I don't like McCain, I truly distrust Obama.  What do you do except pray we make it through the next four years and then have someone come out of the woodwork in 2012?  



I'm obsessed. I don't need to buy anything. More importantly, we have no money to buy anything and I am still obsessed with craigslist. I love going on and looking. Mostly at housing and what people are trying to sell or rent for how much, etc. But also at furniture, baby items. I am not even looking in my area! I look at places where I have family or friends living, or even just places I'm curious about cost. I'm such a weirdo. :) For the record, I am trying to make sudoku or crossword puzzles a hobby of sorts - at least it uses parts of my brain and supposedly keeps it active. :) What are some of your obsessions or hobbies? Care to share the weird?


Antibiotic Fun Zone

So I am in need of going to the doctor for some antibiotics because I think I have strep throat. Everyone of the kids is on a different antibiotic themselves and we all sound yucky - thankfully I don't have the buckets of snot running out like the kids. :)

Hubby is interviewing lots and lots this week for internships and things are looking pretty promising. I think he is getting excited about the possibilities out there. I've personally had a change of heart. I accused Hubby of sending me subliminal messages in my sleep because I am now all for going back to OR. ME!! And to top it off, I am considering managing apts again. AM I NUTS???? Absolutely! The thing is I am not going to be desperate or anything - just waiting and trying to find a place with just rent credit and maybe some townhouses or something. That's the idea anyway. I hope it is just a random thought that won't come to pass. But the benefits sure are tempting right now. But the idea of moving back to OR is really exciting to me. We'll see - I don't know what we are going to do. One step at a time right? But at least I am open to the area again.


Changing my mind

So I am changing my mind about the private thing.  Too many people are having a hard time, so instead I am stealing an idea a friend had of just using nicknames on the site.  So meet Me, Hubby, Princess, Cowboy, and Brother Bear.  :o)


Sorry for the absence

So much has been going on here and I feel like I never have the time to update, so I promise I will sit down this weekend and spew forth all the news. :)