Oh our life

is so fun and never predictable!  I loved majoring in broadcasting in college because news is always changing, and I liked the idea of never having the same day at work.  I had no idea motherhood was so unpredictable.  :)

Brother Bear is so fun and sweet - he is constantly making me smile with his looks and things he says.  He changes all his T's for C's and his B's for W's.  So he got a new toy this weekend - a "tow-woy"  Cowboy.  :)  So cute.  Tonight we asked the kids if someone would please take a cup to the sink.  Brother Bear grabbed it and I was clapping and said, "oh sweet boy thanks so much! what a good boy!"  So what does he do?  Walks the cup over to me, hands it to me, and says, "no. you. now."  I laughed so hard.  He pauses between every word he says and is so expressive.  I need to actually do a recording of a conversation with him sometime.

Baby boy is growing SO fast!  He literally grew overnight and is now in 3-6 month sleepers and almost out of all his 0-3 onesies.  The rolls of sweet chubs are popping out all over his arms and legs.  He reminds me a lot of Brother Bear.  It will be fun to see as he grows what he looks like.

The other two are doing well and enjoying school.  Super smart kids for sure!  I'll do more of an update on them another time.  Suffice it to say, they keep me on my toes.  :)

My hubby isn't working as crazy much, or we've just gotten used to him being gone...not really sure which!  :)  I love him, what can I say?  I'm sad he'll be leaving in just over 6 weeks, but we'll enjoy him as long as we can!


Baby Boy

I feel like we had a bit of a rough start with Baby Boy.  Time and experimentation has helped with the nursing, tummy issues, and general screaming episodes.  I'm happy to say, I think we've finally settled in and each day he is capturing the sweetness award more and more.  I love when he nurses - as soon as he latches, he puts his hands down on his stomach and folds them on top of each other with his fingers spread out.  Not sure what it is, but it just is sooo cute and melts my heart.  I keep trying to get a picture that actually looks like him, and I finally captured a couple last night.



This kid cracks me up - here are just a couple of things he has said today.

"I don't want a umber-cues!" (cucumber)
"Mom, I'm going to marry Melia...at the zoo...and then KISS her!  But first, I have to fly my car space jet...my Diego car space jet. Only we're not getting married in October."  Is Melia your girlfriend? "Ew no! We're just getting married - at the zoo!" Oh, so when are you getting married?  "{exasperated} AFTER I fly my Diego car space jet Mom!"  Oh, okay.
"Today was Parker's birthday.  It's his October birthday.  We got cupcakes!"  Yum!  When's your birthday?  "Um, I don't know...But not in October!"