We have another house!

We're set to close no later than Aug 12, though probably earlier.  It's a foreclosure in Eagle Mountain, so it needs some cosmetic work, but I think it will be a pretty good place.  I don't love the neighborhood as much as the other house, but I do like my view from the front window!  :)


Starting over

I am going to be super positive about this whole situation.  SUPER positive.

We don't have a house anymore.

I get to go shopping for another one.

In the positive realm, I am looking forward to finding an even BETTER house!  Yes!




Convinced?  Yeah, me too.  :)



Do you ever make a mountain out of a molehill?  I do.  A LOT.

Is it a womanly attribute, or are men afflicted too?

I'm stressed.  I called my dad pretty much freaking out.

He advised me to CHILL.  No sense worrying about something you have no control over.

Right.  Exactly.  Hello?  Got it brain?  Did you hear what my dad just said????  Stop it already!

Stop stressing.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

I think I'll have to repeat that statement a lot - we're talking knocking over Mt. Everest here.  :)


We have a house...sort of

We at least have a date of closing!  :)  I kind of keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and that is keeping myself from being super excited - but it will be super fun.  I am a little regretful that we aren't going into this with our eyes closed and a little more naive.  :)  I just look at it and think, "oh my goodness- this means if Zane ever loses his job we are SCREWED!" 

I'll have to post some pictures when I can - but I love the neighborhood, yard, schools, location, and while the house is smaller than a lot of others we saw, I think it will be just fine.  We'll definitely want to redo the kitchen in a few years.  Anyway, we are moving to Springville sometime by the end of July.  yay!



You my darling girl are SEVEN!  I can't believe how fast time has flown and how much you've stayed the same...and how you are still my sweet baby girl princess!  (*NOTE* I don't have any baby pictures on this computer - those were the pre-digital camera days).  :)
 When you turned two, all you wanted to have was your ears pierced.  You would take my earrings and put them up to your ears in the mirror and say, "Petty.  Petty Abby!"  Who could resist such cuteness?
 Dress ups, babies, princess galore!  Three was such a fun year.  One time when you were put in time out, we recorded you singing to yourself, "Jesus wants me for a soccer ball!  A soccer ball!"
 Four years old and you were already so smart and so good at making friends!  Now you were not only determined to make your own clothing choices, but Mommy was hard pressed to have you let me do your hair once in a while.  :)
 This picture is a perfect persona of you - you have been your Daddy's princess 
since the moment you were born.
 Sparkles, play make up, nail polish and no teeth were the symbols of your year @ SIX.
And now you are seven and I feel like I just blinked!  You are still as smart as ever, a true and loyal friend, an amazing big sister, and still my sweet princess.  You are my darling girl and I have loved watching you learn and grow.  You are my first born and I believe you have an incredibly brave spirit to have chosen to come to our family first (especially with this very imperfect mama)!  Thank you for your love, your forgiveness, and most importantly - for being mine.  I love you baby girl!



I am such a chicken.  I mean, seriously chicken about stupid unimportant things. 

Like actually telling my realtor I don't want to work with him anymore over the phone.

Can't he just accept my goodbye over email?

I don't want to talk to him because I don't want to say the wrong thing and come across the wrong way and frankly I get super flustered lately because my mind is stretched a little thin.   I've had sick kids, and I'm stressed with the whole house thing and I'm having to do it while Zane is unreachable by phone except after 7:30 at night.   I stumble over my words just talking normally, let alone when it's an uncomfortable situation.

I just want to be immature and not answer his calls.   Ever.

CHICKEN.   Me.   Do I have to be a grown up?   :P

Don't things just go away if you ignore them long enough?   :)


In mine drawer, Mom!

I finished giving Baby Boy and Brother Bear a bath last night and Bro Bear was sent into his room to get his jammies and bring them to me.  A couple of minutes later he runs into me and says (well, it's Bro Bear so he yelled) "Mom!  I peed!"  Me - "Where?" BB - "In mine room!"  So I follow him in with a towel asking him to show me where and looking for the puddle on the floor.  BB- "O'er there! (pointing at his closet)" I'm looking all over for the puddle and ask again, "Where?"  BB- "Not on floor!  In mine drawer!"  Sure enough, my 3 yr old had opened up his drawer, stood on a stool and peed into it all over his pants.  But of course it didn't just go in his drawer, but in Cowboy's drawer underneath and down the front of the dresser and stool. Me- "Buddy, you need to go pee pee in the potty!"  BB- "No pee in potty Mom!  Pee in the drawer!"

My reaction?  I started laughing.  Hysterically.  Who does that?!?  I hope this isn't a trend.  :)

Meanwhile we've had lots and lots of puking in our house.  Baby Boy had it Saturday.  Princess started Sunday night.  Cowboy has had it the worst - he added a fever and diarheaa to his miserableness that started early this morning.  Needless to say, I am expecting the drama to continue with Brother Bear sometime in the next 24 hrs.  We even passed it to my sweet nephew in our 14 hr stay at his house.  Blech.  Baby Boy is still fighting off an ear infection and wasn't too happy today.  I'm really hoping we can kick this soon - especially since I need to go to the store soon since I have all 3 boys in Baby Boy's diapers (poor Cowboy just hasn't been able to make it to the bathroom in time and since BB has decided the dresser is a much better place to pee...*sigh* I've never met a child more determined to stay in a diaper).  I was a Lysol tornado today wiping all surfaces and spraying every where I could.  So beware and stay away from our house!  :) 


My lovelies

Once again there are not very many of our rambunctious never-sit-still Cowboy, but my life has been full of these lovelies.  :)

Brother Bear loved his cake!
New bike - he's so proud

Cowboy had his party at the local jump place and loved it!

Literally holding on to the ladder so he wouldn't have to do a breathing treatment

Can't resist this face!  He's so happy to feed himself

Pure love



It's such a simple thing to take a breath, but oh so wonderful!

I took a breath of relief when I got my computer back.  You never know how attached you are to a piece of plastic until it's taken away.  :)

I took many deep breaths taking a trip to Utah to find a house.  Many.  DEEP.  Breaths.

No, I didn't find one, yet.  Having to go down again.  (Deep breath)

Baby Boy caught a stomach virus and was puking Saturday - so we headed home from Utah.  I was completely nauseous by the time we got home and Princess started puking tonight.  Breathe.

And then there was Baby Boy's reaction to me laying him down in his crib when we got home last night.  He looked around, smiled and sighed contentedly.

It's good to be home.  :)  Now back to looking for another one.  Breathe.