A few thoughts

So before I start in on today's beef, I have to say that I really am trying to be more grateful.  Every day I am trying to think of at least one thing that I feel is a blessing, but not just "my family" or things of that nature.  For example, today I am grateful for dishwashers.  HUGE time saver which is always good with young kids.  

I wanted to be a journalist.  I studied it in school, loved working at the radio station, and I pride myself in my ability to see different sides.  It was typical in most schools to drill the concept of objectivity in news coverage.  You know, there is no such thing as objectivity - everyone has their own opinion and it is idealistic to think you can report without some type of your opinion leaking in.  HOWEVER, there is such a thing as devoting the same amount of time and energy to both sides of a story.  If you cover one thing with a positive review - cover the other side in the same attitude and vice versa when criticizing.  

This election started to annoy me last year.  I was not won over by any candidate and you know those dumb political tests you can take to tell if you are a democrat or republican?  Yah, I was ALWAYS neither.  I'm a bon-a-fide independent which I consider a blessing because it means I really can vote for who I think is better, regardless of party.  Party line politics is a whole other post in itself.  I can no longer keep quiet about my annoyance with Obama and his big supporters.  I was on the fence most of the last year and my thought was anyone but Hillary, but now I think Hillary would have been a better option.  At least she had a plan - had more than accusations and rhetoric.  Obama is a fantastic and moving orator, but I am getting the idea that there isn't much more there.  He has been gearing for the presidency ever since getting elected to the Senate - they are accusing Sarah Palin of having no experience, but what has he really done?  UGH.  I am NOT a fan of McCain, but he really has a heck of a lot more going for him than Obama.  And I am sick and tired of the COMPLETELY unbalanced news coverage of the two.  It makes me ill to see an industry that I wanted to join take such a disappointing turn to cheap shots and obvious support/disdain for one or the other.

Fox News is criticized as being too conservative, but I have to say I won't watch any other news station again.  Their mantra is "fair and balanced" and I have to agree they closer to it than any other station.



Forgive me for my jumble, I have a lot of thoughts running through my head and they are not in sequential order, but I want to post them anyway.

I feel frustrated today that it has only been 7 years since the 9/11 attacks and we as a nation are already apathetic towards the whole experience. As I look around there are few flags flying, no yellow ribbons, barely a sign of any kind that anyone remembers or cares about the people who died, and how it felt to be attacked. I am so glad I thought to write in my journal that day and the days that followed. I can remember the tears I shed for people I didn't know, the pride I felt in the nation as it rallied together in candlelight ceremonies, prayer circles, with flags flying on every car and home and yellow ribbons draped along trees, car antennas, girls' hair. We were proud to be Americans and had a singular purpose of heart.

What has happened? September 11 has become just another day. Something that happened in someone else's life. How can we forget so soon? How can we become so uncaring and apathetic towards tragedy?

I don't think the networks are wrong for pulling those images that we watched over and over - they are traumatic and it would be rude to make the victims' families relive it again. However, I feel like the rest of the nation should watch it every now and again and REMEMBER. Remember the shock of seeing two commercial planes crash into buildings full of more innocent people. The horror of seeing them fall. The heroics of the public servants and every day people. The tears and despair of missing loved ones, the hopes and belief in a better America.

So today, I hope you take a moment to remember. Remembrance is the greatest tribute one can pay to those who fell that tragic day.