I posted this on facebook, but I love being content. Of course, I don't think you should be too content and just let things go and stop striving for higher - but it's nice to be able to sit down and look at my husband and children, think on our journey and be...happy. It is certainly a blessing from God, especially considering all that is uncertain in our lives right now.

I've been on a pioneer kick lately. Maybe that's why I am feeling so content and happy. The things they were able to endure and the attitudes with which they lived have really inspired me to adopt the slogan by Elder Wirthlin, "Come what may, and love it!" There is a bigger picture and focusing on the eternal scheme helps smooth out the roughness of our every day roads.


8 years ago...

I was glued to a television screen along with millions of other Americans feeling utter shock and horror at the events occuring before my eyes. I remember gasping and shouting "Oh NO!" as I watched one tower, then the other collapse into nothingness wondering how many people were now dead. I remember sobbing and crying that my homeland was under attack, and the comfort and strength that filled me when everyone else I saw had the same tear streaked faces. The fierce patriotism and humble turning to the God of all was awe-inspiring.

Some seem to have forgotten and that really frustrated me last year. But I remember. I will never forget. And as long as there is at least one willing to stand and pay tribute, those who died, sacrificed, and defend will be remembered. I am an American, I do believe in God, I will teach my children who is in charge of this blessed nation, and until my dying day I will proudly hang my flag and declare GOD BLESS AMERICA!

(I hope this doesn't come across that everyone else doesn't care, I was just trying to say that I will never forget and therefore I know at least one person who will always remember).


Lock your Toilets

Brother Bear has discovered a new toy...the toilet. He is so proud of himself when he dumps an entire roll of toilet paper, or half a bag of wipes, or most recently several toys. At least he's not trying to flush - YET! *sigh* What can you do though when you have a newly potty trained 3 yr old who has to go on a moment's notice? You can't exactly lock your toilet...

SO excited for this new stage! :) hehe.



I LOVE autumn!  Today is the first day that it actually feels and smells like it and I am in such a great mood.  

The smell alone is so invigorating to me - crisp and fresh.  Love love LOVE it!

This time of year just makes me wish we could go back to the old days where everyone stays in the same town and you have Sunday dinner at Grandma's with all the extended family around. It's nice sometimes to live in a community that farms because you get that added harvest time excitement and atmosphere.  :)  I am so looking forward to this fall season - Halloween and Thanksgiving, and soon after, Zane's graduation and Christmas!  

So bring on the sweaters and yummy smells!  :) 

I just googled some images of wallpaper for autumn, so no clue who to give credit for this lovely montage.  :)


Cold Cereal

There are many modern conveniences for which I am truly grateful ie - indoor plumbing, hot water, medicine, modes of transportation and communication, appliances, and much much more.  But I have to say, I am REALLY grateful for cold cereal.  It's such a quick and easy meal, any time of the day - and if you pick the right kinds, they can actually be pretty nutritious.  Someone really should write an ode to cold cereal - it's that great!  :)