A few more pictures

This tender brother LOVES his baby sister.  I love watching him love on her.  Though he hasn't been allowed to lately.  He and Cowboy are both super sick and therefore quarantined to their room with a tv and all the popsicles and movies they want

Every time he sees a camera he squints his eyes and poses "Cheese!"

I love this freckle nosed blue eyed boy!

Zane had a septiplasty (sp?) and this right after coming home from surgery.  I was a little disappointed there were no black eyes, and also grateful he recovered so quickly.

Conference weekend.  This is kind of a sad picture for me.  See the little hairball under the table?  Our sweet little Dexter got out from under the fence and was run over by a car the next day, so this is the last picture we have of him alive.  We miss him and the kids were just devastated and there were many many tears that night and though they don't cry about it every day, there are still some tears shed every time something reminds us of our little puppy.  I think we'll wait for a while though before getting another dog.  I just don't have the heart to do it again so soon.

Love the matching dresses.  Thanks Grandma Williams!  :)

I hate this picture because it makes me look huge next to Zane.  He and Princess were sitting all the way back on the couch, and I had scooted to the front so it looks out of whack.  However, it's pretty cute of the kids, so I'll post it anyway.  :)

Easter Sunday

My sweet baby girl.