Taste of summer

Oh sunshine and warmth, how we have missed you in Idaho!  :)

Took Baby Boy in to an urgent care in Boise (we're visiting my Mom and Dad for the weekend).  Poor kid has an ear infection and bronchitis.  On the way back from the pharmacy I took a little detour - well, actually the GPS took me on a detour, BUT I loved what I saw!

First, I drove through a neighborhood I want to live in - chalk full of bike paths, playgrounds, parks, and I saw a ton of families (old and young) biking together.  Then I passed by a park that had a small pond where kids were fishing and feeding ducks, across the way a young team was playing soccer, and there was an awesome playground next to that.  The temperatures were in the mid 60's and I was LOVING the scenes before me!

So I bought some bubbles, jump ropes, inflatable beach ball, and sidewalk chalk.  Want to take a guess at what we will be doing ALL day tomorrow??? 

Aw summer...I can almost taste your sweetness!  :)


Modern times

This is how my thought process started:

I sucked out Baby Boy's nose last night with the bulb syringe, gave him some Tylenol for his fever, numbed his gums for his teething, and turned on the nebulizer to give him a dose of Albuterol before bed so he could breathe, and before stepping out of his room, I turned on the humidifier.

Then I got to thinking, how many of my babies would have lived past infancy, or their toddler years had I lived 100 years ago?  Even 50?  Frankly, I wouldn't have even lived past infancy.

As romantic as it sometimes seems to go back to the "simpler times" I am SO GRATEFUL to live in a day and age where my babies have access to the medicine and technology that keep them alive!!

I am also grateful for modernized washers and dryers, dishwashers, fridge/freezers, pretty much the whole kitchen...indoor plumbing, hot water, ELECTRICITY, digital pianos that sound authentic but are easy to move and never have to be tuned...

:)  The list could go on and on.  What modern thing are you most grateful for?



We are HOME.

All but Princess are SICK.

It's so bad.

GRATEFUL for a sacrificing mom who is on her way on a shuttle from Boise right now to come and help!

GRATEFUL for a super fun and AWESOME vacation!  I'll post the rest of the pics and a couple of stories when I feel better.

Conversation at the dinner table:
Cowboy: "Mom, I want to go to the tree of life and eat some of the golden fruit!"
Princess: "Yah, me too!  I'd eat TWO!  Wouldn't you Mom?  I really love the tree of life!"
Cowboy: "You can't have two - you only get one so there's enough for everybody!"
Princess: "Okay, well, Mom or Baby Boy can have the other one."
Cowboy: "Baby Boy can't eat off the fruit of the tree of life!"
Princess: "Well, we could smash it up real good, cuz he needs some too!"
Cowboy:  "Yah, so does Dad and Brother Bear!  Mom, can we go to the tree of life soon?"



More, more, more!

Mani and Pedi with Grandma



Have I mentioned it's been lovely here in California?

The only thing that could make it better is the presence of a certain Army hubby/daddy!

And maybe Mommy remembering sunscreen so poor kids don't get skin cancer...thus the pink hat on Cowboy (couldn't find his, and he was so sunburned he needed something)!