Hello again - we're still ticking

Quick update:

Kids are doing great. 

Brother Bear is still scared to go poop in the potty, but he is doing great otherwise with being in big boy underwear (FINALLY!!!)  Baby  Boy is now 13 1/2 months old and trying to be a big boy like his brothers.  His favorite thing is to get into everything he isn't supposed to and he giggles and runs away when you see him do it.  :)  Princess is doing great and is a reading machine.  It's fun to watch her as she falls in love with chapter books.  Cowboy is loving being a big school boy - especially that he gets to eat lunch at school on the days he goes.  (it's every other day, all day)

I'm doing better but thinking that the meningitis has ruined my immune system for the season, as I am now prone to picking up everything that is going around.  I still get pretty worn down by the end of the day, but at least I'm able to take care of the kids.  :)

Zane is doing well.  He found out earlier this month he got an AGR job with the reserves that he put in for back in February.  (One more reason to be grateful for not purchasing a home in Utah!  :))  So he had 3 weeks to get everything together to go up to Spokane.  The kids and I will be joining him in a few weeks when he's found housing for us.

Just another regular update from our neck of the woods, right?  :)  At least this move is for a definite 3 year period of time.  Oh, and did I mention we're having another baby?  Surprise!  Baby #5 will be joining us around March 20 and we've decided to be surprised on the gender.  Like I said, just a typical update from our neck of the woods.  lol.