Penny for your thoughts

Or a dime in this case.

Zane was home this weekend and it was so great!  It was incredibly sad to say goodbye this time because my parents weren't here to buffer the loneliness at departure.  But he was able to go to church on Sunday with us which was so nice.

Before church Brother Bear decided to choke on and swallow a coin.  Zane didn't see what kind and just shrugged and said it would pass.  I wasn't so sure so I called poison control and the doctor's office and they said I needed to get x-rays.  Off we went and everything was fine - the dime was already in his stomach and now I have the fun job of going through every single diaper until I find the dime.  Yay for me!


Playing Catch Up

I've been waiting to do a post on here until I downloaded some pictures off our camera so I could post some of the adventures we've been having lately.  But time is slipping by and if I wait too long, my post will be forever long!  So here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods-

Zane finished his semester strong and it's amazing to think he only has 4 more classes until graduation!  Woohoo!  I don't think I ever thought this day would come.  So he packed his bags and headed down to Salt Lake for the summer working as an intern for Kiewit.  Our dear friend's parents are being so gracious in allowing him to stay with them in Sandy - they are truly the best and we are SO grateful!!  He'll be up on some weekends, but it looks as though things are going to get pretty crazy in the office with estimating 3 projects all at once - so between drill weekends and overtime, I'm afraid we won't see him too much all summer - sad.

I am feeling very grateful this summer because the two older kids were accepted into the preschool at the college for the summer.  Yay!  That means I will have 2 hrs in the morning with just Brother Bear M-W-F each week until July.  That will make life sooo much easier to go grocery shopping and run some errands.  It's amazing how you feel like you can't do anything when you have your first baby, then as you add more - having ONLY one with you is so easy!  :)  Life is all a matter of perspective, right?  They are really excited to be going to preschool too.  Princess starts kindergarten this fall - can you believe it?  I'm in shock.  We went to registration with her on Monday and I just couldn't believe in a few short months I'm going to be watching her get on a bus to go to school!  She is so excited, so it's hard to be sad, but still - she'll always be my baby girl!

Easter week was so fun!  We had an Easter egg hunt the thursday before, and my parents came into town late Friday night and brought with them some sunshine so they played outside all day Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa.  Cowboy and Princess also had their gymnastics olympics that morning which was a lot of fun but I didn't feel well so I stayed home.  To our surprise - the Easter bunny came and left clues for where to find easter baskets while I was in the shower so the kids had a blast finding them when they got home.  ;o)  Zane left right after sacrament meeting to go to Utah, but my parents stayed until Monday evening.  I am so glad they were able to come!  I hope we'll be able to go out and stay with them for a bit this summer...let me know if you see any great deals to Dulles from SLC.

So that brings us a little up to date as far as events.  THe kids are changing so much and I love it.  Brother Bear refuses to walk because he can get there faster crawling, but he's coming into his own and likes to make us all laugh with his new sounds.  Cowboy has suddenly decided he needs to act 3 (not listening, being a little stinker) but he is so cute and quick to repent it's hard to stay mad for long.  Princess is amazing me with her maturity - she loves to color, read and write stories (with all the letters she knows) and she has informed me that she is very good at sports and thinks she needs to do some.  :)  I love my job!