Saved by the doorbell

Hubby and I had a bad start to the morning. I had to get up super early and hit the DMV for a new license, Zane was staying home with the kids until I got home (thus being later for work) and was IMO, overly concerned about my time management for getting there. I resented his interference and nagging and was so irritated by the time I left that I told him where he could go as I slammed the door. I was still peeved when I came home and barely spoke to him as he left.

A while later the doorbell rang and I got a beautiful surprise bouquet of flowers and a very sweet and sentimental card (for anyone who knows my hubby, this is very unusual of him - he doesn't even bring me flowers for the birth of our children). Needless to say, he was quickly forgiven. :) He must have known he would need to save the day when he ordered them a while ago. haha.


A tentative plan

After much upheaval this last couple of weeks, I feel like we have a tentative plan in place that at least gives me a little bit of calm.

Zane will be leaving Tuesday (isn't he sweet to stay for my birthday?) and the kids and I will just stay put. Ideally we would stay until Princess was done with school, but I'm not going to box myself in with definitive dates. For now, it's right for us to stay and then make more decisions after a bit of breathing time. :) Whatever happens now, we will at least be together for the summer until the baby is born.

So, I'm feeling a bit more like I can breathe. Thanks for all your positive support and prayers! It's definitely helped and been appreciated.



I was commenting to my dad that I am taking comfort in the promise that the Lord will never give us more than we are capable of handling. He observed that was true, although the Lord does see fit to stretch us pretty far.

I'm stretched. Officially stretched.

Zane told me last night they want him up in Twin Falls this Tuesday. Today he said Monday (what an awesome birthday present for me).

Just call me Gumby.



We are great movers. But really, that doesn't mean I want to or even like to move all that much. I almost had my mental breakdown yesterday while looking for houses to rent online in Twin. Of course it didn't help that all 3 kids have strep, we are quarantined, and now guess who else is coming down with it? I need to turn in our 30 day notice to our apartments today...UGH. I am having a hard time reconciling myself to this move. I never wanted Princess to go to several different schools her first years of school. I just don't know what else to do. Things would probably be different if 1- I wasn't due to have another baby; 2- we weren't going to have to live without Zane for 6 months already starting in November.

I wish there was an easy answer. I don't want to go, and I don't want to stay. If I don't go, we will basically be choosing to live without Zane for over a year. Moving...*sigh*


Doctor Dilemma

Brother Bear has been sick for a while but I've been putting off going to the doctor. I really hate trying to find new doctors who are accepting new patients in a new area. So I've put it off. Well, now all three are sick and two are running fevers. Zane said I had to get them in to a doctor pronto this morning...I still debated until almost lunch time. Then I remembered a walk-in clinic I saw so we drove over there and had the kids checked out. Well, 3 cases of strep, 1 case of scarletina, 3 bottles of amoxicillin, and all 3 going down for a nap at the same time later - with no arguments I might add...guess my hubby was right. My poor kids needed a doctor. Now, if we can just keep this from spreading to Mom and Dad...

So, for the next 72 hrs we will be quarantined to our house (doctor's orders) - and I will be going CRAZY trying to entertain 3 already cabin feverish kids. By the way, did you know you are supposed to "quarantine" for 72 hrs if you have strep? I did not know this - I thought it was only 24 hrs after being on antibiotics.


Love this man

My hubby starts his new job tomorrow, thus starting our new life. I'm so proud of all he's done for us. He's always done whatever he can to ensure me being able to stay home with the kids and I am so grateful. He's a great daddy and always willing to stop and play when the kids ask. I'm so lucky to have him as my Valentine. Love this man! :)


Complete irony

Before you read this, you need to know that I honestly think the following is HILARIOUS. No joke, I laugh whenever I think about it.

Zane was supposed to start his job on the 22nd of the month and work on a project here in Utah. He got a call today - he starts this next Monday and will now be working on a project in...drumroll please...TWIN FALLS, IDAHO. hahahaha. Anyone else see the hilarity of the situation besides us?

The thing is, we truly feel and believe that we would not have been blessed with this job had we not taken the initiative and moved down here. It probably would have been easier to stay in Idaho, but who's to say things would have gone the same way?

So once again, we are facing the unknown. Do we all move up there for a temporary job? Do we meet in the middle somewhere and get Zane an apt by his job? When will we go? Who knows? But I have to say, in all of this I have truly seen the Lord's hand in retrospect and I believe this will be no different...except maybe the apartment choice. :)

By the way, I found out all this right after they finally cleaned out the garage for us. Complete irony, I'm telling you. :)


Yay! No, double yay! Who am I kidding?!?!

ZANE'S GOT AN OFFICIAL JOB!!!! YAY!!!!! We are so excited and thankful for all those who kept us in your prayers. He got the offer at the company that he really wanted to work for so he is just thrilled. I for one am relieved and SO happy!! :)


Settling in...sort of

After a long and thought out process, I decided to go ahead and enroll Princess in the local school. I was honestly toying with the idea of home school, but social needs won out in the end. She met her teacher today and tomorrow is her first day. She is super excited, so that of course makes me a happy mom! She also loves having her own room. Mostly because it's "peaceful" at night. :)

Cowboy and Brother Bear are doing pretty well. BB is attached to his dad's shadow CONSTANTLY and pitches a fit if he ever leaves his sight. Zane's a good sport about it though and I really think he likes being the favorite. Cowboy misses his old house, his baby-sitter, his church, and pretty much he says at least once a day, "I want to go back to my old house Mom." (I think he and I are having the hardest time).

This has been quite an adjustment move - in more ways than I thought it would be. Zane is way over me being sad about leaving Idaho and I think he just might blow a gasket if he sees me crying again or with red eyes. I don't care - it's been a hard move for me and I'll be sad if I want to darn it! :) Change is always good, and this move will be no different from the rest eventually.

Still no word on a job...still hopeful though. That's about it for now. We're still waiting for our garage to be ready so we can get the rest of our stuff from the old storage unit (the poor manager has no idea what she is going to face tomorrow if we don't get the stupid thing that was supposed to be ready last Monday, then Thursday, then Friday, then today...she'll have a stressed-out super hormonal crazed woman about to BLOW up). I can hardly wait.


We're here

I don't have a lot of time to update since we are accessing the internet at the local library for now, but we have arrived. I've cried a few times the last couple of days - never thought I would be super sad to leave Rexburg, but it has been a lot harder than I thought. Cowboy started crying Saturday night and was saying, "I don't want to go to our new house, I like our old house!" I have to admit I was thinking the SAME thing! Our apartment is fine - it has more sq footage which is nice, but not as much usable space (aka - closet organizers and PANTRY). Princess is loving having her own room, so that is a lot of fun. Zane's got his interview tomorrow - we hope everything will be alright and go well, so keep sending prayers our way!

That's it - we're safe, we're here, and we are slowly unpacking and adjusting. Utah County is probably the last place on earth we ever wanted to be, but I'm sure everything will be for the best. We've decided while we are here to hit a new temple every Sunday - should keep us entertained for quite a while. :)