Reality hit me yesterday.  I don't think I've been in denial about the surprise pregnancy of our 5th baby, but as I looked out on our driveway at the Suburban we just purchased parked next to our van, the reality of outgrowing a minivan in a mere 3 months just whacked me upside the head.  (Granted, there are 7 seats in our minivan and we could have smooshed everyone in for a while).  We're going to be a family of 7, plus a dog, and only a few weeks after I turn 30.  W O W.  Never expected that.

Ever have one of those moments?  It's not a bad moment.  Just a WOW moment of contemplation of your life.  And it's not necessarily overwhelming either.  Especially when I compare myself to others I know.  It's just funny to sit back and think - how did this all happen SO fast?!?  :)