We have landed

I haven't posted for a long time because pretty much everything has been in upheaval and I wanted to wait until things were a little more settled before filling you in.  I've been trying to reader's digest it and it's pretty difficult.

But here goes:

We were in the middle of purchasing a house in Utah, (by the way, a little plug here: if you are ever in need of an AWESOME realtor - call Parker Smith or go to his website: modernhomebuyers.com.  He really is the best!)  So back to my story.  We are literally in the middle of buying the house, already had the inspection and appraisal, when I just wasn't feeling it.  And not some little "I'm scared about buying the house" feeling, but I couldn't sleep and both Zane and I felt like we just had to walk away (there were several mitigating factors as with anything).  It didn't make sense, we were in the middle of packing up our house, we had already given notice.

Meanwhile, we made the decision to move to Boise, I would live with my parents and eventually look for a house here, and Zane would just keep on doing what he was doing and come home on the weekends for a while.  Then he saw an advertisement for a job opening here and felt strongly that he should apply and he got the job.  So the day he turned in his notice he found out they were working out something to transfer him to a job in Ashton, ID (insert relief at walking away from the house in UT - we would have moved in and then Zane would have been transferred to another site once again 6+ hrs away and the kids and I would have to build a support system by ourselves once again).  He considered staying, but felt like this was his opportunity to try something different, and he was tired of being away from his family so much (he's pretty much been gone Baby Boy's entire life)  so we went ahead and moved over to Boise.

It is a definite change for us.  He is going from a guaranteed salary to a commission only income but we both feel it will give him the future opportunities he wants.  I think it helps that his old job said he is welcome back any time if anything changes.  So for now, we are grateful for my parents letting us stay with them as a buffer zone while he adjusts to the sales life and we figure out what his income will be.  :)  It's nice for the kids to have some kind of consistency before school starts too.

Speaking of, they have the strangest kindergarten schedule - basically Cowboy will be going all day, every other day.  So some weeks he'll go Tues/Thurs and some weeks M/W/F.  Good thing we have a calendar.  :)  Princess is ready to start 2nd grade and I think it will be fun to have the two younger boys all to myself, especially since we'll be doing the home preschool for Brother Bear on the days Cowboy goes to school.

That is definitely a condensed version, but there you go.  :)  We've landed temporarily.