Sometimes you need a reminder

My friend shared this article with me and I loved it.  It was exactly what I need at this moment in time when I feel exhausted and in the muck of things.  What a privilege this life is and how grateful I am for the 4 munchkins I've been blessed with.


Tender Mercies

We recently started reading the Book of Mormon again as a family.  In the past we have just read with the kids from the children's versions of the scriptures (the one with pictures and easier words).  Now that Princess is reading, I thought it would be a good idea to start reading the real thing.  The other night we were reading in Nephi about the tender mercies of the Lord.  Today I would be remiss if I didn't express gratitude and share a small and simple tender mercy that the Lord has given to me.

Jacob sucked today.  There was still some chomping motions, but he actually started to suck with his tongue in the right place.  It's a small step, and not completely consistent but I will take it gratefully!  I've been praying and praying that we would be able to resolve whatever is wrong so we didn't have to take him to more doctors (speech therapy is considered optional on our insurance).

It's amazing how much an attitude can change when looking for those small and simple things.  The Lord is great and merciful and good.  What are some of the tender mercies you've been blessed with recently?



I watched "The Last Song" tonight - it was nice to clean out my system and have a good cry.  Thank you Nicholas Sparks - I can always count on you for a good tear jerker!  But I needed it today.  Our life the last several days has been overwhelming and I have had a good lesson in humility.

After the three previous babies I have had an over abundance of milk and they all nursed fine.  This new baby is having difficulties.  Nursing has been a huge problem for him - really just eating in general.  He'll take a bottle (sort of) and so I'm pumping on a schedule trying to keep up with feeding him and to keep my milk from drying up.  It's so stressful.  He dropped 10 oz the first 2 days and has only regained 2 oz since then.  So far we've had 3 doctor's visits (a 4th is scheduled for Tues), 2 lactation consultations, a round of x-rays and a slew of blood work.  He doesn't suck, he chews.  He can suck, he just chooses not to and we've tried all the exercises and still nothing.  I broke down today after finding out we would now have to go to a speech therapist this week.  I'm exhausted, hormonal, worried, stressed, and at a loss for what to do.  I'm sooo grateful to have my mom here for so long.  I start to freak out anytime I think of what I'm going to do if this doesn't get solved by the time she leaves.  Thank heavens she is here until Labor Day!

Why is she here for so long?  Zane is gone.  He left this last Thursday and won't be back until Sept 5.  That is probably another reason I needed a good release cry.  Before he left, work had been super busy and crazy so he wasn't able to be around a lot really since just before the baby was born.  We miss him.

Despite everything, Jacob is honestly a sweet baby and oh-so-cute.  I promise to post some more pictures soon.  The other kids are doing well too, though they are all sick right now.  :)  Go figure and YAY for Grandma!!  :)


He's here!

Many of you already know from texts or facebook, but our baby boy arrived early Tuesday morning.  I'd been feeling pretty badly for a couple of days and was having some pretty good contractions Monday night and finally decided that I would go in and have them check me around 10:30 pm.  We got to the hospital and in the room about 11:15 - and Jacob Andrew came out at 1:16 am.  He was turned halfway face up, so the majority of the labor was in my back (NOT a fun experience) but because of that the poor guy came out pretty banged and bruised.  The doctor actually came in the nick of time to check in to see how I was coming along.  I had just decided (after breaking down crying) that I had had enough and no longer wanted to do it naturally and instead wanted the 4 hr epidural type shot.  He said that was fine and then I said, "and while your here you might as well check me anyway."  We were waiting for a couple of contractions to pass when my water broke, he checked me and said I was an 8.5 and could no longer have the shot and then I said "Oh no oh no oh no" because maybe 5 minutes (if that) later baby was born.  The cord was wrapped around his neck pretty tight, so I was glad it wasn't Zane, the nurse and I delivering him like we did with Cowboy. Here are a few pictures.  My mom has some better pics, but I figured I'd share the news now on the blog world.  :)
There was a nasty smokey smell coming through the vents - I spent
a lot of time doing this.

Zane capturing the "joyful" moment of birth.

Never seen a baby so covered in the white stuff!
The doctor called it his make up.

Not the greatest family picture, but whatever.  :)
Super happy big sister
Cowboy said his new brother was "adorable"
"Aww!  Cute baby!"

So he was 8 lbs 12 oz and 21.5 in long.  The hospital let us both go home just 12 hrs after I gave birth so it seems pretty surreal that we left and came home with a new baby basically overnight.  Pretty crazy!  We are glad he's here and I'll post more pics as they come - especially now that his face is starting to not look so purple.  :)