Did you miss me??

We've had our old desktop, but our laptop has been out of commission for months now and our desktop isn't reliable, so I haven't wanted to load photos on it, and I can't really post on here on my kindle.  We finally got our laptop fixed and I am so happy!  So now I'm back and I really have missed the blogging.  :)

We had our 5th baby March 14.  It was a pretty tiring pregnancy with constant contractions since the beginning of February, 2 weeks straight of labor sessions where baby would drop and then pull back up every day for 2-3 hrs, and then when the hormones kicked in to relax my pelvic bones, it felt very similar to them breaking in half so walking was very painful.  Needless to say, if I had any doubt about this being my last pregnancy, they fled out the window.  :)

Leah Marie's story:

Went in for my appt Wed morning (3/14) and we were talking about scheduling me to go in that Friday to have her break my water since I'd been dilated to a 3 for so long, and I suggested she strip my membranes that day to see if it did anything.   So when she checked me I was already a 4, and after stripping I was almost a 5.   The hospital was really busy and since I wasn't contracting regularly my midwife suggested I walk around and then go to L&D after lunch.   I had some things to finish at home, so I just drove home and arranged for baby-sitters, then we dropped Cowboy off at school and headed back to the hospital and got there around 2:30.   I was contracting, but it wasn't too bad so we walked around from about 3-4, checked back into triage and I was right at a 5 so they went ahead and admitted me and my midwife came over after work at 5 to break my water.   Since I go fast once I go, she decided to stick around and Baby Girl came out at 6:24.   She's the biggest of all our babies - 8'14oz and 20 1/2" long.   

It was a really good experience which was nice because things weren't rushed or panicked like they have felt in the past, and they had everything already set up so the nurses weren't running around, and I had one nurse who just stayed in the room pretty much the whole time after they broke my water so Zane wasn't having to run out to tell them the baby was coming.   It was just calm, and I was so grateful.   We didn't have the kids come until the next morning and this hospital has a really strict rooming in policy so the baby never leaves the mother.   All tests/shots/etc were done in the room with us which was interesting - we've never had that before.   And the nurses would check us, but really for the most part they left you alone unless you wanted them to be more involved.   I loved it.   For once I wasn't chomping at the bit to get home as soon as I could and get the heck out of there.

I'm doing well.   I have to go to a chiropractor I think because my pelvis is so out of whack right now.   Other than that, she is nursing well and all the kids are adjusting to a new baby.  Baby Boy is funny and it's kind of hit and miss with him.   Sometimes he likes her, most of the time he ignores her, and then there are times he tries to grab her out of my arms while screaming or just hits her.   The others are ready to have their mom back.   This pregnancy really took it's toll and so everyone is needing extra reassurance from mom and dad of our love and that is kind of hard.   But all in all, things are good and I am very happy to not be pregnant anymore!   :)

We were going to name her Caroline or Rachel, but I wanted a 3rd option.  So Zane looked up some more names and suggested Leah, she didn't look like a Caroline, so I let him choose this time between Rachel and Leah.  The meaning of Leah?  Weary, Tiredsome.  :)  hahaha.  I thought it very fitting considering this pregnancy.

My photos are taking forever to upload, so I'll have to load more later.