A glimpse of spring...

And then it is gone with the snow.  *Sigh*  Well, we enjoyed two beautiful days of sunshine and warmer weather, but that's Idaho for you.  It's been known to snow in June.

Here's a big surprise: we were in the doctor's office this morning.  Cowboy has a sinus and ear infection and a perforated eardrum.  Yay.  I am so tired of having my kids on antibiotics and decongestant.  But you know, as in all things i am grateful we are only having to go in for minor things like infections.  Life is too short, too sweet to be ungrateful for all the adventures our little ones bring us - both good and bad.

This is my official "mom" haircut.  I love it for the most part (I'm in a bit of grieving for the length, but I still like it).  It's fun and SO short - and I have to admit I LOVE how long it takes me to shower and get ready.  BIG plus!


Coughs and sniffles

So I am no longer quarantining (sp?) my children.  I've sanitized, scrubbed hands, and wiped noses and they are happily playing with some friends today.  I really hope that I don't pass along any germs, but it's so great to listen to the 4 of them giggle and laugh as they play.  Totally selfish of me probably, but I really am trying to be proactively cautious...

On a side note poor Zane found out he has to report for his summer training in Washington on his birthday.  Poor guy always gets gipped on his birthday - we've only been together 2 of his birthdays the last 6 years.  I guess we should have known it wouldn't have been any different this year.  Just looks like the kids and I will be going out to Virginia a little earlier than we thought...maybe.

Better go.


Happy St Patrick's Day!

Not one of us is wearing green right now, due mostly to the fact I have a mound of laundry still to get done and I'm pretty sure everything green that we own is dirty.  :)  Oh well, the boys are sick and we can't go anywhere or see anyone anyway!  I'm getting a bit stir crazy, as are they but what can you do?  I'm pretty sure whatever they have is pretty contagious, seeing as though our poor niece came over here last week for only 15-20 minutes and now she is sick with the same stuff. *sigh*  I am really looking forward to the summer.  I feel like I can Lysol everything in the house and still the germs just circulate through the air.  I think the next time we can leave the house all day I am going to spray everything down and open every window ALL DAY.  Surely that will help...right?

Brother Bear has pretty much been sick and croupy for a month now - not miserable, but he purrs when he breathes and has an amazing amount of snot coming out of him.  YUCK.  Cowboy seems to have gotten a different bug that hit hard and fast Saturday night.  Fever, vomit, diarrhea, sore throat, dehydration, etc.  Poor kid was miserable.  On Sunday he was crying, "there's fire in my eyes Mommy!"  He seems to be doing better - the fever is gone but his throat still hurts and he has a killer cough.  Thankfully my sweet Princess has inherited her father's immune system and hasn't had a problem...yet!  I think she is very tired of being trapped indoors and super bored because the sickos have kept us pretty busy.  For some reason, they can't seem to nap at the same time when they are sick.  She is such a good trooper though!  I am thinking we should definitely reward her this week for being a big helper.  I would love to throw the tv away after this weekend though - it's been on WAY more than I ever want it on in a week!

Zane's in the last 2 or 3 weeks of the semester and then it's off to UT for his internship.  We won't really see him from the weekend of Easter until the first week of May.  He'll come back up for Brother Bear's and Caleb's birthday.  Crazy - my kids are growing so fast!  It's hard to believe they'll be 1 and 3 in less than 2 months.  Hopefully they will be healthy by then to enjoy the day.  :D  haha.


Mac vs PC

I am considering the two options. We have a mac laptop and a PC desktop. I spent a majority of my college years on a Mac doing things with communications and while it has a learning curve, it is a solid computer void of the stupid bugs of a PC. The PC on the other hand has much of the programs that Zane needs for construction related things and while you can get parallels on a Mac, it's not the same. This being said, I HATE MY PC. It takes FOREVER to boot, has tons of problems and is always working out some type of bug. I gotta say, I'm really leaning towards getting another Mac because inevitably this PC is going to konk out and I'm pretty sure it will be sooner than later. I never would have thought the daughter of an engineer would become a Mac loyalist. :)