Pity Party Pathetics

I threw a fit last night to my husband and prefaced it with "I know this is unfair, irrational, and dumb, but..." and launched into a list of my complaints.  It went a little like this:

M: I'm mad that you are working ALL THE STINKING TIME!!!  I'm going to be a single mom in November, I'm tired of feeling like one now. (Zane took off Friday thankfully but still worked over 70 hrs last week)
Z: I know.  I hate that I'm working all the time too.
M: And I realize you are going to your uncle's funeral, but I am mad you are driving to Wyoming tomorrow and I can't go.
Z: You can go if you want to.
M: (looking at Jacob) Yah, driving 10 hrs there and back will go great with a nursing baby!  I can't go!  I can't even leave for more than 2 stinking hours because he can't do a bottle if I want him to nurse.  And even if I wanted to, we don't have a baby-sitter I would leave all the kids with anyway so it doesn't even matter!  I'm stuck here at home AND YOU GET TO LEAVE AND GO TO STINKING WYOMING.
Z: If it makes you feel better, I know how it feels.  I felt trapped between work and home.
M: Well at least you get to LEAVE THE STINKING HOUSE!!!
Z: Honey, can I go and get you some ice cream?
Z: How about a drink from Sonic?
M: I don't want one.
Z: Can I get you a treat?
Z: How about a walk?  Do you want to go for a walk?
M: (laughing at this point) I CAN'T BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TENNIS SHOES ANYMORE!!! (I ran over my shoes and smashed them last week and haven't been able to get another pair yet).
Z: Why don't you go and get some shoes tomorrow?
M: Because I don't want to take 3 boys shoe shopping!
Z:  Can I do anything for you?
M: NO.
Z: Can I take the boys with me to Wyoming?
M: YES.  Take ALL the kids.

Who has the kids today?  Me.  :)  Later I thought about how miserable they would be in the car for so long and got annoyed that I cared if they were miserable.

Hope you got a laugh out of this.  I'm surprised my husband wasn't cracking up at my temper tantrum.

Thank goodness

I'm such a happy mommy today.  First, Baby Boy slept ALL NIGHT!!  Woohoo!  It was awesome.  Second, Brother Bear is now disinterested in potty training.  I'm armed with all the supplies if he ever wants to try again, but can I just say I am so glad he lost interest already?  :)

If I get a minute later, I need to write about my pity party last night - it was pretty funny.  Kudos to my husband for not completely cracking up and rolling on the floor in laughter at my expense.  Maybe he knew if he did at that time I would flip out completely.  :)  It was so bad.  hahaha.


Oh my, not already!

I think Brother Bear got wind that some of his buddies are potty trained and he has decided he needs to be as well.  I'm not joking either - he woke up this morning and he's decided he's over the whole diaper thing.  I'd be fine if he waited until he was 3 or older, but he keeps crying about his diaper on his bum, etc., so we are trying it out for 24 hours to see how it goes.  Today isn't the greatest day to start it as I am SO very tired, but I hate to miss the opportunity of not having to buy diapers and he is super excited...so we made a trip to the store, bought a new potty chair and big boy underwear, lots of salty snacks and sugary drinks, and some potty rewards.  I can't believe this is happening already.  Oh well!  If it works it works, if not...great!  It will be less work for me a while longer.  ;o) Aw potty training...*sigh*  Here we go!!


6 weeks already??

It's official.  Baby is now 6 weeks today.  I can hardly believe it.  I more can't believe there is nothing to stop me from getting my rear in gear and working out again...except I have to buy some new shoes.  :)  Here's what's been happening the last month:

First day of school
Princess has started 1st grade and seems to enjoy it.  Every day her favorite part is "lunch."  It's been an adjustment having her gone all day, and she is soo tired when she gets home she can be quite the raunch.  BUT, she's still our princess and we love her anyway!  :)  It's hard to have school start at 8 am, so I can't really blame her for being so grumpy by the time she gets home.  Other than that, I've realized what a HUGE helper she really is - it is easier for me to go shopping with all four kids than just the boys because of her.

Cowboy also started preschool and loves it.  He gets mad that he can't go every day.  I think it will be a good thing for him to prepare for kindergarten.  And I am a bad mom - I didn't even take pictures of him on his first day, and much to his dismay I didn't even cry when I dropped him off!  But I did tell him I missed him.

Brother Bear is diving into the 2 yr old stage head first.  He is talking so much now and his humor is really shining through.  He makes me laugh all the time.  I've been enjoying having a couple of hours just to ourselves 3 days a week (while baby is sleeping).  I get to see him in a whole new light and that is really special.  He and his bigger brother fight like you wouldn't believe (full on tackles and punches) and I wonder what I have gotten into with 3 boys.
He is looking more like Brother Bear
Baby is growing like crazy and nursing much better.  He has been sick the last 1 1/2 weeks so that has been hard, but he is still such a sweetie.  I've had to avoid all dairy and chocolate and even Mexican food (sad!) much more that with the other kids for his little tummy.  The last time we went into the doctor (saturday) he weighed 11 lbs 7 oz  and he is getting SO long!  His 0-3 month sleepers are already tight lengthwise.

I am hanging in there.  It's been quite the adjustment and I realized that having babies while your other children are in school is actually harder - because you have to adjust the baby to their school schedule.  The cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc are still a work in progress and I can't wait to have a clean house schedule again!  Zane's job has picked up in pace, so ever since he got back from his training he has been working 6 days a week.  Gratefully he is more on call on Saturdays, so we at least get him half the day.  The rest of the days he works 12 hrs and we are lucky to have him home before 7 pm.  Unfortunately the kids have to go to bed between 7:30 and 8 in order to get up on time.  It's been tough, but in a way it's a blessing.  He's leaving for Missouri in less than 10 weeks and at least I am getting eased into the single mom life by him only being around on Sundays.

Meanwhile we are assessing our life and situation, goals and directions and figuring out where to go from here.  There are a lot of unknowns and uncertainties, but Zane is considering a career change.  A big one.  He is looking into the possibility of going to PA school (Physician's Assistant).  It would mean him going back to school to finish up a few pre-reqs.  Big changes, lots of prayers and pondering.  For our Rexburg friends, it would probably mean we are coming back to that area - AGAIN.  :)  We'll see how things go the next few months.  Yes, it's crazy.  But that is so typical of our life!

We've decided since we've always really liked BSU and our school didn't have sports teams to cheer for, and we live in what's considered part of Bronco nation, we'd adopt the Broncos as our family team.  Thus all the blue and orange in pictures.  :)  It's been fun to get the kids involved in the games.