When you have a large family, sports and activities can be daunting financially and logistics can be brutal. Having 5 children needing to be in 5 different places at one time with only 1.5 parents (Zane's schedule is so unpredictable at times) is just...whoa. But I have to say, I'd be perfectly happy if my kids all kept their love of swimming. Because the majority of their swim meets include ALL of them. In one spot. For now, they all practice at the same pool around the same time (the more advanced have to be there earlier and stay later, but it's IN THE SAME LOCATION).

And you're not having to pick and choose whose game you're going to have to miss that week, and trying to figure out who needs to catch a ride with someone because you can only be in so many places at one time.

That's not to say we don't let them play other sports during the year. Some of them love baseball too, and Baby Girl loves to dance. A couple of them would jump at the chance to do riding lessons if we had a stable near us that did it, and I want them to try new things. But I'm a big fan of swim teams. Big. :)

Speaking of, they did great at their swim meet this last weekend. Princess dropped all of her times like crazy. In one event, she dropped almost 7 seconds, which is incredible! She placed 7th and 8th in 2 events and won 4 of her 7 heats. Cowboy is still trying to come back from his being down and out, so he's still trying to build up his endurance, but he did really well considering. Brother Bear had 2 races against both his brothers and came in 2nd on all his heats. He placed 5 and 7 in 2 of his races. And Baby Boy won one of his heats and placed 2nd and 4th in both of his events. It was his first swim meet so he was pretty stoked.

We probably annoy some, but definitely make others laugh with our crew. At one time there are at least 4 to 6 of us cheering loudly for whatever child is racing at the moment, and we are so not quiet. I'll post a video sometime. Princess used to get super embarrassed about it, now I think she likes it. A bonus of having a large family, I guess. You always have more than enough cheering in your corner.


Back in the saddle again

I am coming back to the blogosphere.  I am just OVER being so plugged in ALL THE TIME! So I am going to go back to the blogging days to 1 - try and better journal our crazy life and 2 - to keep friends and family updated on all things happening in our little corner of the world without having to be on Facebook.  As much fun as it is to reconnect with long lost friends and acquaintances, I just don't need any more distractions.  I feel like my smart phone has become another appendage and I am done.  It's a distraction from my kids and family that I just don't need.  There are enough distractions and time pullers as it is.  I love the internet convenience.  I love the GPS.  I love being able to read a book when I'm bored.  I love having a camera ready.  But I am tired.  I am tired of too many unimportant things and people taking time away from those people and things that should be my main focus.  I wish I could go off cell phones completely, but I am cognizant enough to realize texting is how the world communicates more often than not and it is the easiest way to get emergency alerts, etc.  So for now, I'm deactivating my Facebook account, getting a basic flip phone (when my contract is up), I'm pulling out my really nice camera that I hardly ever use because my phone is always in my hand, and I am going to do everything I can to get myself back to my non-distracted mom days.  Will I fail sometimes?  Probably.  Will I doubt my decision?  Maybe.  But will it help me accomplish a more important goal and purpose of focusing on my family?  Definitely.  So. Here goes nothing!  Wish me luck.