Being consistent is SO very hard for me. Whether it's journaling, daily scripture study, exercising, following through on making my kids practice piano, do their homework, etc. Being consistent is my personal nemesis.

I've gone through different phases over the years. Sometimes I've given up and just embraced my failings. Other times I've pushed through and overcome (for a while anyway). :) I figure if I just keep trying, eventually I'll come off conqueror, right???

Meanwhile, I've had to schedule the kid's piano lessons like I do for my other students, with a set time each week. And I'm trying to make a concerted effort to get better on one more thing at a time.

What's your personal nemesis?


Emily said...

That's very hard for me, too. And I only have two kids, so I can only imagine what it's like to manage 5 kids' schedules and my own consistently.

Emily said...

(Two kids whose schedules I have to manage, that is... You know what I mean. After I re-read my comment, I couldn't let it be.) :)