When mommy is sick

I caught whatever nastiness that is going around the kids school and today has been a lay on the couch and put on movies for the babies because I have no energy to do anything else! Of course that means that mommy was laying down, which meant I became the jungle gym. I have to teach Leah to be content with sitting beside me because she can't just sit on my lap. She has to be moving and wiggling and trying to climb on my face. It doesn't help that she isn't feeling great either. So she doesn't even know what she wants most of the time. At one point, I was pulling Leah off my face, Jacob was trying to climb up and ended up elbowing me on the side of my eye while Leah was jumping up and down on my stomach because she was mad about being taken off my face. If I didn't feel so dizzy from congestion I'd just stay on my feet!  :)  there are some sweet moments every day though. I'm so lucky to get to stay home with these kiddos! Jacob came over to feel my head and said, "you sick mom? Aw man! I sorry you no feel good." And he pats my head and goes on to play. So funny.  (the picture doesn't show all the way - so click on it to see the full effect).

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